Working Group on Forest Certification

Organizational Structures


5.1 The Working Group shall comprise nine elected members, made up of three members each representing the economic, the social and the environmental chambers.

5.2 As far as possible, consideration shall be given also to ensuring representation of the following stakeholder interest groups within the 9-member Working Group: Landowners (traditional land owning communities/ authorities); Civil Society/NGOs; Independent Bodies, Industry; Tree Growers; Government; Research and Training Institutions; Labour; Women

5.3 Membership shall be open to all stakeholders. To enable WG function as FSC National Initiative, however, the majority of the nine-member group shall be made up of FSC members or member applicants or represent FSC member organizations.

5.4 One member of the Working Group, who shall not be a representative of Government, shall be appointed by the members to be chairperson for a period of three years. The person so appointed may be re-appointed for a further term of three years but may not serve as chairperson for more than two consecutive terms. The chairperson shall be the main contact person /coordinator for the Working Group.

Election and Tenure of Members

6.1 Each member of the Working Group is elected by one of the three chambers identified at section 5.1 to serve for an initial period of five years, and may be re-elected for two more consecutive 5-year terms.

6.2 The Chairman of the Working Group shall notify the recognized Contact Person for the appropriate chamber of an impending vacancy within nine to twelve months before a member’s tenure expires and request for the necessary actions to be taken to re-appoint or to elect another person to replace the retiring member. The Chairman shall endeavour to communicate this information also to other stakeholders who have registered their interest in the activities of the Working Group, particularly those in the camber concerned.

6.3 Each chamber shall regulate the method of conducting its elections, which may include holding a general assembly, conducting a postal or electronic ballot, or other democratic means that allow interested stakeholders freely to exercise their franchise. The method so agreed and any subsequent variation shall be communicated to the Working Group. The results of any election reported to the Working Group, shall be accompanied with a statement to the effect that the agreed procedures were followed.

6.4 In electing members to the Working Group, each chamber shall give consideration to the following:
a) the expertise that the candidate may bring to the Working Group, bearing in mind the functions of the Group;
b) the desirability of ensuring at all times that at least two of its three elected members are FSC members, FSC member applicants or represent FSC organizations;
c) the Social chamber endeavours to represent the interests of Landowners, Civil Society, Independent Bodies, Women [ OR ………….. endeavours to represent the interests of i) Landowners, ii) Civil Society, Independent Bodies, Women];
d) the Economic chamber endeavours to represent the interests of Industry, Tree Growers, Labour, Forestry Research/Education and Training [OR……… endeavours to represent the interests of   i) industry; ii) tree growers, labour, forestry research and education];
e) the Environmental chamber endeavours to represent the interests of Environmental NGOs, Government, Independent Bodies, Women.

Vacancies in Membership

7.1 A member of the Working Group may resign his or her membership by giving written notification to that effect to the Chairman of the Working Group. A resigning member shall ensure proper handing-over of any assets held on behalf of the Working Group.

7.2 The Working Group may, after consultation with the member and the chamber the member represents, request a member who is no longer able to perform his or her functions on the Group [for reasons of prolonged ill health, absence from meetings or other good reason] to resign his or her membership.

7.3 The Working Group may, after, due process, terminate the membership of a member for misconduct or for inability to continue performing his or her functions on the Group.

7.4 The Chairman shall request the Chamber that a member resigns or is removed represents to elect another person to replace him or her. The tenure of new member is regulated by section 6.1 of these Rules.


8. The Working Group may appoint standing as well as adhoc committees or sub-committees consisting of members or members and non-members to perform specific tasks for the Group.